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Ph: 315-368-2252

Our Powerful Concept
Higher Ground Bible College is dedicated to building a network of new Strategic Impact Churches that will be led by a pastoral team that will turn cities inside out with the Gospel.   Our college is a post graduate college.  It is for people who have already completed a more traditional Bible College course of studies.  Many Bible College students have every intention of going into full time ministry when they begin their Bible College career.  Sadly, after graduation, more than 85% never go into the ministry.  WHY? 

We believe that there are many reasons why.  Lack of openings in churches.  Difficulties in striking out alone to pioneer a church.   Feelings of inadequacy.  There are other reasons too, but these are the major ones that we have overcome here at Higher Ground.

TRUTH:  There is a GREAT NEED in the land for the Gospel.  People are starving for The Word of Truth.  False religions and false doctrines are everywhere.  The need is GREAT!

Are you comfortable with your life?  Is something stirring inside of you?  Is God telling you to move on?  Maybe it is because you are not yet moving in your destiny.  At Higher Ground we will place you in the "crosshairs" of the prophetic destiny for your life.

Since you have graduated from Bible College we realize that you basically know "all" the fundamentals of The Word that need to be known.  The truth is that you already know more about what is in the Bible than 90% of the people in the world.  The point now, is to get out and put that into use!

OUR GOAL is simple.  We will plant churches that will be led by a team of six ministers (even Jesus sent the Apostles out in teams).  We believe in you and the call that The Father has on your life.  You have proven your desire to serve in the kingdom, now it is time to serve.  Higher Ground is preparing  SPECIAL FORCES MINISTERS.  We work like the Special Forces in the military.  They form teams of six people that train together, learn each others strengths and weaknesses and then they are prepared go into any situation BEHIND ENEMY LINES and defeat the enemy!  We prepare a team of six young leaders like yourself, to work as a team and plant a church together.  All six of you working as a single unit, marching toward the same goal … defeating the enemy in the city that you are now pastoring in!  

OUR GOAL in the twenty weeks you spend at Higher Ground is not to teach you the basic doctrines of the bible all over again, but to help you cohere as a team!  That is important because what many people today fail to realize is that, in any given city, it is the pastors that are the spiritual authority.  If "one can set a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand to flight", what can six accomplish?!  What damage can six sold out, on fire, powerful warriors for The Kingdom do to the devil's work against the human race?!

Unfortunately right now, the cry of sin in the land is greater than the cry of intersession going up.  Imagine a church that  has six dedicated servants leading the work.  Six dedicated ministers of the Gospel, sacrificing as a team to reach the lost in a city!  WOW!

OUR TRAINING for the twenty weeks you spend at Higher Ground is provided by some of the leading Christians of our time.  Many are authors of best selling books and international speakers.  They teach their material from a "first hand" perspective!  They lived it!  The class time is in addition to two practicums.   The first session is six weeks long and then we break for the first three week practicum.  For three weeks all students will be dispatched to different churches to work hand in hand with the pastor of that church for the entire three week period.  That  experience will prove to be as valuable as the class training itself.  At the end of  that  period  all students return for another five to six weeks of class.  Then the second  three week practicum.  All students will be dispatched to a different church than they attended for the first practicum, giving all students an even wider valuable experience.  Students then return for the final session of classes and a June graduation.  All students take the month of July off and then all students report to the church plant on the first weekend in August!

OUR TUITION plan is quite simple.  Basically we are operating like a missions organization.  We are planting churches.  You must obtain the support for this effort like any other missionary does.  Many organizations insist that their people raise support of up to three to four thousand dollars per month.  We have a much more reasonable goal to reach.  To come to Higher Ground we require support of just $150 per week.  We know that you have people who believe in the call that The Father has place on your life and would be honored to support the work that you will be doing in The Kingdom by contributing ten or fifteen dollars a week.  You will need that commitment for a period of four years.  While you are training here that will cover your "tuition".  When we plant the church, that will be used to support the rent for a house and a sanctuary and pay the bills for the first few years.  While the church is growing, most of the support monies of all of the team members will be used together to pay the bills.  This plan will allow all of the team to be full time in the ministry.  As the church grows and the tithes and offerings increase, the church will become self supporting.

You might be excited as you read this, but do not come here just because you are excited.  You must ask yourself a very important question.  Deep down, is this what you really want?  Deep down, is this what God really wants you to do?
We told you above that here at Higher Ground we will place you in the "crosshairs" of  the prophetic destiny for your life.  How do we do that?  By giving you a vision that you can "sink your teeth into"!  Because we know that a vision unlocks a destiny!

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