Prayer and Fasting:

Prayer and Fasting is such an important part of our walk with God. I tell people all the time that there’s no magic to fasting. What fasting does, is it super charges our prayers. It send a powerful message to the spirit world. We are devoted to God.


One of the things that The Lord has gifted us with a strong understanding of it deliverance. Now, some people think that everything is a demon, and other people think that you can’t have a demon if you’re saved.  At Higher Ground we have a Scriptural understanding of deliverance. In fact 99% of the class is just scripture. Deliverance is a powerful tool for ministry today.


Healing and Salvation go hand and hand. The same act that brought our salvation also paid for our healing. This is the Biblical understanding. Our healing class is extensive and we delve in deep to the lives of many of the men and women that God has used powerfully, in the past and in present day, to perform healings and miracles.  

The Inward Journey:

The Inward Journey is originally a class aimed at setting people free from addictions. It’s a class designed to send out “emotional depth charges” to see what comes out. In over a decade of ministering this class to addicts and students, we’ve found that all addictions (with almost no exceptions) stem from a void. The void of the amount of love I recieved versus the amount of love I needed. We understand that most of our students will not have life controlling addictions, however, understanding and learning how to minister and counsel addicts is an invaluable tool in ministry today.



Many of our students have been on missions trips with us. In fact, twice a year we travel into Mexico to minister at orphanges, rehabs, and pastors training conferences. Because Mexico has a very different culture than ours, it’s usually a real eye opener for our students, especially those who feel a calling into missions.


The motto at Higher Ground is that “We have to be ready to Pray, Preach, or Die at a moments notice.” This is one of the reasons that we have a class on preaching. Not just a class however, each of our students have numerous oppurtunities to preach to our congregation and in other churches as we travel. Being able to give a conciece and effective sermon is one of the things that graduates of Higher Ground are expected to master.

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