Our Powerful Concept
Higher Ground Bible College is dedicated to building a network of new Strategic Impact Churches that will be led by a pastoral team that will turn cities inside out with the Gospel.
Our college is for people who have already fallen in love with Jesus Christ and have every intention of going into full time ministry when they leave Bible College. Sadly, after graduation from most bible colleges, more than 85% never go into the ministry. WHY?
We believe that there are many reasons why. Lack of openings in churches. Difficulties in striking out alone to pioneer a church. Feelings of inadequacy. There are other reasons too, but these are the major ones that we have overcome here at Higher Ground.
TRUTH: There is a GREAT NEED in the land for the Gospel. People are starving for The Word of Truth. False religions and false doctrines are everywhere. The need is GREAT!
Are you comfortable with your life? Is something stirring inside of you? Is God telling you to move on? Maybe it is because you are not yet moving in your destiny. At Higher Ground we will place you in the “crosshairs” of the prophetic destiny for your life.
Once you have graduated from Bible College we realize that you basically know “all” the fundamentals of The Word that need to be known. The truth is that you already know more about what is in the Bible than 90% of the people in the world. The point now, is to get out and put that into use!
OUR GOAL is simple. We will plant churches that will be led by a team of six ministers (even Jesus sent the Apostles out in teams). We believe in you and the call that The Father has on your life. You have proven your desire to serve in the kingdom, now it is time to serve. Higher Ground is preparing SPECIAL FORCES MINISTERS. We work like the Special Forces in the military. They form teams of six people that train together, learn each others strengths and weaknesses and then they are prepared go into any situation BEHIND ENEMY LINES and defeat the enemy! We prepare a team of six young leaders like yourself, to work as a team and plant a church together. All six of you working as a single unit, marching toward the same goal … defeating the enemy in the city that you are now pastoring in!
OUR GOAL in the two years you spend at Higher Ground is not just to teach you the basic doctrines of the bible all over again, but to help you cohere as a team! That is important because what many people today fail to realize is that, in any given city, it is the pastors that are the spiritual authority. If “one can set a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand to flight”, what can six accomplish?! What damage can six sold out, on fire, powerful warriors for The Kingdom do to the devil’s work against the human race?!
Unfortunately right now, the cry of sin in the land is greater than the cry of intersession going up. Imagine a church that has six dedicated servants leading the work. Six dedicated ministers of the Gospel, sacrificing as a team to reach the lost in a city! WOW!
OUR TRAINING for the two years you spend at Higher Ground is provided by some of the leading Christians of our time. Some are authors of best selling books and international speakers. They teach their material from a “first hand” perspective! They lived it! The class time is in addition to two practicums. The first semester is fourteen weeks long and then we break for the first two week practicum. For two weeks all students will be dispatched to different churches to work hand in hand with the pastor of that church for the entire two week period. That experience will prove to be as valuable as the class training itself. At the end of that period all students return for another semester of class. Then the second two week practicum. All students will be dispatched to a different church than they attended for the first practicum, giving all students an even wider valuable experience. Students then return for the final session of classes and a June graduation. All students take the month of July off and then all students report to the church plant on the first weekend in August!
You might be excited as you read this, but do not come here just because you are excited. You must ask yourself a very important question. Deep down, is this what you really want? Deep down, is this what God really wants you to do?
We told you above that here at Higher Ground we will place you in the “crosshairs” of the prophetic destiny for your life. How do we do that? By giving you a vision that you can “sink your teeth into”! Because we know that a vision unlocks a destiny!
At Higher Ground, yes we believe a little bit differently than most churches.
The Bible decrees in
Job 22:28 “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.
You don’t even want to consider coming to Higher Ground Bible College unless your idea of ministry looks more like this:

What if there was a place …

… where the people who were sold out to God and had the fire of His love burning in their hearts could prepare themselves for a life of service and dedication.
… where our Creator revealed what He was doing in this time and His will for your life.
… that developed critical, kingdom thinkers who can overcome challenges and walk in their Divine Destiny.
… that brought real life into the classroom.
… who’s sole method of instruction was intense, deep teaching from men and women that God has used mightily in our day.
… that offered incredible, quality fellowship.
… that understood that the Holy Spirit performs God’s Word, not our ideas, and offered solid teaching relevant to today’s world.
… that prepared it’s students for Radical Christian Living and Ministry that will transform our nation.
… that produced Covenant Thinkers – Generational Thinkers who will build up congregations of families that will produce convenantly raised children to lead our nation and the evangelism of the world.
… that believed in the Five Fold Ministry:
Prophets, God – called spokesman who forth-tell and fore-tell
the counsel of the Lord.
Evangelists, – called fire brands that are challenging and confrontational servants that are on the cutting edge of witnessing and winning souls.
Pastors, God – called shepherds who constantly protect and
care for the sheep.
Teachers, God – called dissectors of the Word of God, feeding
the milk and the meat of the Word to the rest
of the Body. (Eph. 4:11-12)
Apostles, God – called leadership taking the role of a servant.
At Higher Ground, we have a very different style of ministry training. If you got saved into an Independent, On Fire, Full Gospel Church and God called you into the ministry, you might indeed be surprised to see what would await you in most of the nations bible colleges. Coming from that background, you might just have your first chance ever of dealing with “dead Christians”. In some of those schools as many as one third or more of the class will fall away from Christianity!
What else would one expect when the schools are not led by the Spirit of God but rather spend so much of their time teaching Church History and material that is irrelevant to ministry in this New Millennium. They spend time learning “Great Theological Arguments” that will never win the lost in our cities. Some spend weeks learning the Ontological, Telelogical and Cosmological
Arguments to prove the existence of God. (blah!) Talk about being a “Fire Extinguisher”.
There is very little of that thought that is relevant to the “cutting edge” ministry of today. How can you historically rationalize the Love of God to a kid strung out on heroin or crack? How can you use the Cosmological Argument to a fifteen year old prostitute to tell her (or him) that Jesus is real. She has already been in fornication with over a thousand different men. Your “theology” just won’t cut through that work of the devil. That’s why the church is so powerless today. What will break through that?
At Georgetown University back in the 1980’s, Henry Kissenger taught the Foreign Policy class. He had been the U.S. Secretary of State during the Nixon years. He is credited with many foreign policy advances. When he taught Foreign Policy he did not just stand in front of the class and tell you what Plato thought about Foreign Policy. He did not stand there and read to the class from the writings of Aristotle. NO WAY! He sat on the edge of the desk and relived to the class the history making experiences that he had been involved in. The class sat on the edge of their seats as they soaked in the inner thoughts of one of the great statesman of all time … who just happened to be there LIVE, pouring into them!
What if there was a bible college like that … orientated to the ministry? God has given that vision to us here at Higher Ground for this Bible College.
This is a bible college that is only interested in what works. We have the leaders in their fields coming to Train By Impartation the things that the Lord has taught them.
Do you want to live like Jesus did and do what He did? Then one of the most important things that needs to happen, is that the church needs to stop PLAYING CHURCH and must start BEING REAL with people! We must stop piously prancing about and start showing people the real Jesus … the Jesus who loves the lost, and is not repulsed by them! The Jesus who hates “the traditions of men” and is repulsed by “self consuming bless me clubs”.
How can we expect to reach this LOST generation:
if we cannot speak their language;
if we cannot relate to their culture;
if we cannot love them in spite of their flaws;
if we cannot feel their pain?
Isn’t that how Jesus would have ministered? Isn’t He our role model?
Will our generation be counted worthy to enter the promised land?

Our purpose is making disciples

Are you tired of low-impact living?
What is God’s Ultimate Purpose for your life?
Job 22:28
28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

We need to make “WARRIORS” for The Kingdom

(The difference between a soldier and a warrior is this: a warrior is someone who has been to battle)

The harvest is Great but the laborers are few.
Every person, every corporation, every cause, in order to stay on target and to reach full potential and productivity, needs goals to be set. In spiritual things, the Bible calls it … VISION. (Prov. 29:18)
Isa 43:18-19 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.


Higher ground is a very unique college. When you see its history you will see why.
During his childhood, Founder and Chancellor Pastor D.G. Massad, Jr., grew up as a catholic. Raised in a middle class family in Massachusetts there was an early calling on his life. Through a series of “divine interventions” he met Jesus Christ in a very personal way. After growing through the early steps of Christianity in an independent, on fire, full gospel church, Pastor had his first introduction to “dead Christians” in bible college. Having seen the power of the Holy Spirit and the miracles of God first hand he could not understand how those appointed to train the warriors of the army of God could be so cold, distant and clueless. It was clear to him that the bible colleges of today had not kept up with what God was doing in this day.
Leaving after the first year, God gave him a vision for a school that would train students in things that were relevant to the ministry today. It was clear to him that we needed a new generation of leadership, a group of modern apostles, led by the spirit, innovators, fearless Men and Women who place the well-being of their congregations and disciples ahead of their personal careers, big ministries, and outdated institutions. The current system clearly is a train moving at a 100 miles per hour heading toward the proverbial brick wall.
What happened to the powerful people of faith of today? How did we end up at a point where we have so few? A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in our nation and the church in our days. Many have lost their courage, both individually and as a whole – in each denomination, each church and of course in the hearts of so many of God’s servants. Such a decline in courage is particularly noticeable among the leadership and the spiritual elite, causing an impression of loss of courage by all of Christendom. They base church policies and doctrine on weakness and cowardice. So very many get tongue tied when they deal with powerful special interests in the church or in society.
From ancient times a decline in courage has been considered the beginning of the end. There are meaningful warnings which history gives a threatened or perishing society. Some of them are, for example, the decadence of art, the lack of great statesmen. Yes the fight for our nation, physical and spiritual, is a fight of cosmic proportions and it is well under way. The forces of evil have begun their decisive offensive.
Destructive and irresponsible freedom has been granted boundless space. Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence. The misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people is rampant and can be seen in motion pictures full of pornography, crime and horror. It is considered to be part of freedom and theoretically counterbalanced by the young people’s right not to look or not to accept. Life organized legalistically has thus shown its inability to defend itself against the corrosion of evil.
All individual human rights were granted because man is God’s creature. That is, freedom was given to the individual conditionally, in the assumption of his constant religious responsibility. It would have seemed quite impossible, in America’s early days, that an individual could be granted boundless freedom simply for the satisfaction of his instincts or whims. Subsequently, however, all such limitations were discarded when a total liberation occurred from the moral heritage of Christianity. Despite a history of centuries with their great reserves of mercy, sacrifice and moral standards, the church as a whole dropped the “moral ball”. State systems were expected to take over in our new “socially conscious” age. The result was a society that became totally materialistic. Selfish thinking has reached its final dimension and the world has wound up in a harsh spiritual crisis and many political impasses. All the glorified technological achievements of progress, including the conquest of outer space, do not redeem the Twentieth Century’s moral poverty.
On a world scale our situation is becoming increasingly dramatic. There is a disaster, however, which has already been underway for quite some time. I am referring to the calamity of a despiritualized and irreligious humanistic consciousness. We have lost the concept of a Supreme Complete Being which used to restrain our passions and our irresponsibility. We have placed too much hope in political and social reforms, only to find out that we were being deprived of our most prized possession: our spiritual life.
The only road back is a total commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why Higher Ground Bible College has been founded. It is a place that will produce many powerful people of faith … today!

Teachers & Staff

We believe that the concept of having “First Hander’s” teach their subject matter to hungry young servants of God is in fact, the most Biblical method for preparing people for the ministry:
2 Tim 2:2 And the things that thou hast heard
of me among many witnesses, the same commit
thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach
others also.
Not only is it a truth that the Bible declares, it is a truth that is recognized by seasoned men of God:
”The Theological Seminaries need to pay vastly more intention to growth in grace of their students. They need a professor of experimental religion, who has experience and power enough to press them along into higher regions of Christian experience which are essential to their being able to lead the Church on to victory. It is amazing to see how little effort is made to cultivate the heart of young men studying for the ministry. We must have a change in this respect. A much higher standard of Christian experience must be required as a condition of ordination.
Is it any wonder that the Church of God is so feeble and inefficient, while the leaders and teachers are, many of them, mere children in spiritual knowledge, while a ripe Christian experience is made no part of the indispensable education of a minister? Why, this is infinitely more dangerous and ridiculous than to entrust men to lead an army in the field, while they merely understand mathematics, and never have had any training or experience in military matters.
In this respect, too there must be a great change. Churches should refuse to ordain and receive pastors, unless they are fully satisfied of their having made much progress in Christian experience, so as to be able to lead on, and keep the Church awake.”