Higher Ground Bible College

Your Future Starts Here

Higher Ground Bible College is a school that is commited to equiping its students with all the tools necessary for ministry today.

We major in 12 disciplines.

1 .Prayer & Fasting
2. Deliverance
3. Healing
4. Baptism H.S. – Gifts & Fruits
5. Conquering Addictions – The Inward Journey
6. Evangelism
7. Missions
8. Preaching
9. End Time Events & Eternal Judgments
10. How We Grow
11. Are You Missing Someone – A Study in Compassion
12. Leading Worship

When we focus on our relationship with Him and master these 12 disciplines…wow… what couldn’t we do?  We believe that we can see a Generation Rise into the fullness of God’s calling for their lives like Never Before!