– Mark 16:15


What We Do

Bless Orphans

 The Nicolas Project is one of our outreaches in Mexico. We work with existing orphanages. We build recreation rooms for the children. Every year we personally present Christmas gifts to each child.

Work with Local Churches

 Our ministry in Mexico is focused on empowering and strengthening existing churches. We teach about the Kingdom of God and move in demonstrations of His Power. We teach on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Power of God to heal and deliver. We train congregations and pastors in the Authority that they poses as Christians. We train them in the reality of their True Identity as warriors in The Kingdom.

And we have organized hundreds of churches to stand together to take back their cities through the power of spiritual warfare. We are conducting Pastors’ Training Conferences throughout the nation.

Minister at Rehabs

For over a decade we have been bringing the Power of God and the Realities of the Kingdom into Rehabilitation Centers throughout Mexico. Directors of these centers marvel at the freedom God brings to their people. Lives turn around and never go back.

Organize Crusades

 Throughout the nation, we have marveled as God set countless individuals free from demonic oppression and addiction. We have seen God heal the sick, and watched in awe as He ministered emotional healing to some very broken people.

  As our ministry in Mexico has grown, God laid it on our hearts to begin conducting large, open air Crusades across Mexico. We are excited to announce our second 
“Setting the Captives Free” Crusade November 2022 in the state of Morelos, Mexico.
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As our ministry continues to grow and expand there are many opportunities for those who feel lead to join our mission. If you are you looking to participate in a onetime missions trip, would like to join our team, or have any questions contact us for more information.